Beverage Import Compliance

We work with alcoholic beverage import businesses of all shapes and sizes. The dynamics of importing alcoholic beverages require exceptional attention to detail and fast turnaround. Our experts help importers get their products approved, so they can be shipped and on the shelves quickly. Our beverage import compliance services include license processing for new businesses, 3-tier and wholesale licenses, federal and state tax reports, label approvals, product registrations, and more. We also specialize in compliance related to mergers and acquisitions, audit preparation, and training for in-house compliance departments.

License modifications

  • Changes in location
  • Changes in physical premises
  • Labeling name changes
  • Record keeping and reporting variances

Ownership changes

  • Changes in control
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • New owner and officer qualifications

Product registrations

  • New products
  • New packaging
  • Additional sizes
  • Vintage changes
  • Price changes  and price posting
  • Training

3-Tier & Wholesale Licensing

  • Tax permits
  • Corp and LLC qualification
  • Bonds
  • Product registrations
  • Distributor appointments

Label approvals

  • Label consultation
  • COLA’s online processing
  • Training

Distributor changes

  • Franchise regulations
  • Agency notifications
  • Dual distributorship filings

Salesperson licenses

  • Needs assessment
  • License processing
  • Nexus issues

Federal reporting & tax processing

  • Inventory and operations reports
  • Federal excise tax returns
  • Excise tax forecasting
  • Training

3-Tier reporting

  • Processing payment of excise taxes
  • Training

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