Weekly Digest | Unintentional Tax Implications, TTB Investigations, OR Amendment, Wine Labeling, TTB Awards

March 18, 2019

In this week’s digest, we explore how wineries might unintentionally become subject to state tax obligations and a law firm looks into TTB’s increasing number of settlements. A new Oregon amendment could lead to restrictive wine production standards and the TTB is pressured by consumer groups to include more information on wine bottles. Lastly, two outstanding TTB employees get rewarded for their hard work and innovation.

Could Wineries and Wine Retailers Become Unknowingly Subject to Tax?

The recent Wayfair decision has caused the tax law landscape to change across the United States. While it’s tempting to enhance the market share by having employees or agents in other states, it could cause a winery to become unknowingly subject to state income tax obligations.

TTB Consignment Sales Investigations – What is Behind the Curtain of the TTB Press Releases?

With a rise in funds and their subsequent increased enforcement efforts, TTB has sent out several press releases announcing their recent consignment sales settlements. The beverage alcohol legal services firm, Hinman and Carmichael LLP, give their opinion on what is going on behind the scenes.

New Laws Cane Oregon Interlopers

A new amendment to an Oregon Senate Bill has been presented that requests additional legislation on how Oregon wines should be produced. If this amendment passes, it could set a new and more restrictive standard for how states can protect and define wine production within their borders.

TTB Slated Over Wine Labeling

With food producers and restaurants including detailed ingredients, calorie, and alcohol content on their products, consumer groups are demanding that the TTB include more information on wine bottles. See what both sides have to say.

TTB Employees Win Treasury’s Gears of Government Award

The Gears of Government Award, recognizing those who exemplify hard work and innovation, was given to two TTB employees; Alcohol Labeling and Formulation Division (ALFD) Director Janet Scalese and Deputy Director Gracie Joy. Their leadership skills, and a long list of outstanding achievements make these two stand out.

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