Weekly Digest | TTB Shutdown, WY Updates, OK’s New Application, US Supreme Court Case Tests the 3-Tier System

January 10, 2019

In this week’s digest, we review TTB shutdown expectations, upcoming changes for Wyoming, Oklahoma’s revised application process, stalled new beers during the shutdown, and a US Supreme Court case that could potentially change the three-tiered system.

In Case You Missed it: What to Expect if TTB Shuts Down

It’s been a few weeks since the government shut down. We explain how the shutdown can affect your business and the alcohol beverage industry as a whole.

Wyoming Changes Sales Tax Rules for Remote Sellers

Wyoming has joined the ranks of states who have new sales tax requirements stemming from the Wayfair Court Decision. Now some remote online sellers will need to collect and remit Wyoming sales taxes, starting February 1, 2019. Wineries that exceed $100,000 in revenue or 200 transactions into Wyoming the preceding calendar year must pay both sales and excise taxes on direct-to-consumer Wyoming wine shipments.

Oklahoma Simplifies Direct Wine Shipper Permit Application

Just in time for the New Year, the Oklahoma ABLE Commission website updated and simplified its Direct Wine Shipper Permit Application requirements. To make the process easier, Wine Institute provided recommendations to the ABLE Commission to streamline the permitting process for both the winery and for the state. See what updates are now in place.

New Beers on Hold During Government Shutdown, But Don’t Panic — Yet

The government shutdown’s effects run far and wide. Beer drinkers can expect a hold-up for new labels to be approved. But fear not, all is not lost, any beer made with an existing label can still enter the market.

Impending Supreme Court Hearing Could Open Doors

Next week the US Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in a case centered around the 21st Amendment and the three-tier system. Some are crossing their fingers that the court might rule to allow most of the country to offer wine from out-of-state retailers. This article lays out the facts of how this case got all the way to the Supreme Court and explains the main arguments for both sides.


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