Weekly Digest | Supreme Court Reactions, SVB Industry Report, Shutdown Q&A

January 17, 2019

In this week’s digest, we look at the Supreme Court case that could have major implications for alcohol sales, the SVB 18th Annual Industry Report’s forecast, and questions and answers surrounding the government shutdown.

Argument Analysis: Justices Weigh Text and History of 21st Amendment in Challenge to State Residency Requirement for Liquor Licenses

When the 21st Amendment ended prohibition, it also gave individual states the power to regulate alcohol. The Blair Supreme Court case has the potential to modify how expansive that power is.

The Wine Industry Needs to Evolve – SVB Report

The SVB Industry Report, one of the industry’s most authoritative annual reports, has just been released. The forecast suggests conditions similar to the early 1990s except that millennials aren’t spending the same way baby boomers were. See what this could mean for sales growth in the wine industry.

Wine Institute’s Q&A on TTB Shutdown

The government shutdown has unearthed a slew of questions surrounding the impact on TTB and the beverage alcohol industry. Wine Institute has published a Q & A to help you assess the effects on your business.

The Supreme Court May Change the Way You Buy Wine

The Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association vs Blair case focuses on the attempt of Total Wine & More to open a location in Tennessee. Local retailers are trying to block the move on the account that retail owners also need to be state residents. The court ruling could have major implications for interstate wine sales.

Tennessee’s Weird Liquor Law Should Be Struck Down. But Expect More Wine Cases to Come.

Doug and Mary Ketchum moved their family to Tennessee and bought a wine store, not realizing it would create a constitutional uproar. Some think the recent Supreme Court case should tackle irrational laws while leaving bigger wine issues for a future day.

Transcripts from Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association v. Blair

On January 16th, the Supreme Court heard the argument between Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers and Blair, one of the biggest cases to rock the beverage alcohol industry. Read through the transcript to get a play by play of what happened in the courtroom.

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