Weekly Digest | Prop 65, NJ DTC, Napa Lawsuits, Interprovincial Booze Rules, Wine Shipping Discrepancies

April 1, 2019

In this week’s digest, we review Prop 65 and how to stay compliant after last year’s changes. We take a look at laws that limit consumer choices in New Jersey and revisit an ongoing legal battle in Napa. There is hope that Canada will be loosening their interprovincial booze rules and there is speculation on what upcoming hearings could mean for the industry.   

Prop 65 – Escaping a “Notice of Violation”

Proposition 65 affects every business, wherever they are located, that sells or ships a product with a chemical on its list to a Californian resident. And there are a ton of common chemicals on that list. Prop 65 was amended last year and since that time a lot has been learned on how to remain compliant.

Winery Asks New Jerseyans to Free the Grapes. Let Them Ship Wine to the Garden State.

Currently, New Jersey law severely limits the wines that consumers can have direct-shipped from wineries to their homes. This law restricts consumers choices and costs wineries revenue. Is there still hope for New Jersey?

Vineyard Lawsuit a Test for Napa

Is Napa’s iconic To Kalon Vineyard a place or a brand? That question is up for debate again. It was deemed both in 2003 but now there is a new lawsuit against big beer, cannabis and wine company Constellation Brands. Read to find out why this epic battle refuses to die.

Wine Industry Cheers Loosening of Interprovincial Booze Rules

The glass is half full in Canada where a Liberal pre-election budget promised to remove the requirement that alcohol crossing from one province to another must be sold or consigned to a provincial liquor authority. The sale would still be regulated by provinces and territories but the change would open up possibilities, like ordering from out-of-province wineries without going through the LCBO.

The Million-Dollar Question for Wine Shipping

The wine industry is still waiting anxiously to see if the US Supreme Court decision over the Tennessee Wine case will affect laws banning wine retailer shipping. The million dollar question is, “Where does the sale of wine occur?” See the facts and learn the history surrounding this issue.

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