Weekly Digest | Possible TTB Shutdown, Compli Podcast Debut, CBD Update, Inventory Compliance Tips, LED Relocation

December 19, 2018

In this week’s digest, we explore what to do if TTB shuts down, the newest podcast from Wine Road featuring Compli founder and CEO Rachel Dumas Rey, history-making changes with hemp and CBD, tips on how to stay TTB compliant when adjusting wine bottle inventory, and a new location for the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division.

What to Expect if TTB Shuts Down this Week

Unless a federal short-term temporary funding bill passes this week, the TTB could be closed into the New Year. What does this mean for your business? We review what happened in the last shutdown and give you best practices for how to deal with compliance issues when the TTB is on furlough.

Compli’s Podcast Debut with Wine Road and Rachel Dumas Rey

Rachel Dumas Rey, the founder, and CEO of Compli was recently featured on the Wine Road podcast. Hear how Rachel saw an opportunity to help business owners in the alcohol beverage industry pursue their passions.

Congress Makes History and Changes the CBD Game for Good

We’re still a few steps away from a thriving hemp industry but the wheels are in motion. Both houses have reconciled differences to arrive at the Farm Bill which legalizes the regulation, production, and interstate commerce of industrial hemp. See what this bill entails and what you can start doing right now to prepare for if the President signs the legislature.

Tips to Stay Compliant When Adjusting Bottled Wine Inventory on Your TTB 5120.17

Olivia Leigh, Director of Alcoholic Beverage Licensing at Compli, recently shared her expertise on the TTB 5120.17 Report of Wine Premises Operations with the Vintrace audience. While this report seems overwhelming and complex, there are several options that can be very useful under certain circumstances. Olivia walks readers through the report and gives tips line by line.

LED is Moving Offices

The Liquor Enforcement Division in Lakewood, Colorado is moving. Their office will be moving from 1881 Pierce Street to new offices at 1697 Cole Blvd, Suite 200, Lakewood Co. Make sure you take a look at their office closures during their move and over the holidays.

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