Weekly Digest | Impactful Industry Changes, Web Compliance, Label Controversy

November 8, 2018

In this week’s digest, we explore harmful practices in the alcohol industry, winery website compliance, growing frustrations for America’s alcohol shipping laws, the Oregon labeling controversy, the effects of the Supreme Court’s recent decisions on the industry, and changes made by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

Why Are America’s Alcohol-shipping Laws Such s Cluster$#&%—and Will They Ever Change?

America’s alcohol shipping laws are beyond confusing and complex. It’s like navigating the logistics of how to send a controlled substance to 50 different countries. The question is, can upcoming Supreme Court cases change alcohol-shipping laws as we know them?

Pernicious Practices (Stuff We See That Will Get Folks In Trouble!) Today’s Rant – Bill & Hold

The wine, spirit, and beer industries’ attention has been flagged by the recent regulatory attacks. Alcohol industry businesses whose practices would be deemed normal commercial practices between retailers and suppliers in any other industry have been disciplined with million-dollar-plus fines and license suspensions. “Bill and Hold”, the cumulative quantity discount program started by the ABC back in 1997, is a great example of a practice that needs to be addressed by a declaratory ruling statute.  

Winery Websites and ADA Compliance

Should you be worried about facing litigation if your website isn’t accessible to people with disabilities? Get a brief overview of the recent New York litigation and learn more about the current status of federal law governing websites and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Jim Bernau Responds to Copper Cane’s Joe Wagner

A heated label controversy has sprung up between the Oregon Winegrowers Association and Copper Cane. There have been a few back-and-forths and now Jim Bernau, the CEO of Willamette Valley Vineyards, puts in his two cents.

Courts Take a Closer Look at Wine Shipping

Over the past few months, the wine industry has been caught off guard with legal judgments relating to the U.S. three-tier wine sales system that has been in place for decades. Get an overview of the current landscape and what the future implications could be.

Alcohol industry cheers CBP rollout of CBMA claims

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection made some progress towards implementing the excise tax cuts for alcohol imports after the enactment of tax reform legislation at the end of 2017. They are now issuing guidance and have released documents needed to claim the reduced excise tax rates for alcoholic beverage imports.

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