Weekly Digest | Compliance workshops, major developments for wine retailers, Oklahoma opens for wineries

October 18, 2018

It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-October! Harvest is mostly behind us and the holidays are coming fast. We want to make sure you end the year on a high note and have decided to launch a weekly digest of industry news, legislative updates, and practical business advice for the beverage alcohol industry. We’ll deliver the latest news and trends into your inbox weekly.

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Announcing the 2018 Wine Compliance Workshops

If we want to continue the trend of favorable legislation and regulations, it’s important that the beverage alcohol industry collectively focuses on compliance and following the rules that are currently in place. To help guide you in this process, Compli has partnered with the Wine Institute and FedEx to put on the 2018 Wine Compliance Workshop Series. This workshop will be held in five different locations across California. Join us for this educational event!

Oct. 16 Lodi
Oct. 17 Sierra Foothills
Nov. 1 Temecula (Register now)
Nov. 8 Napa (SOLD OUT – Register for wait list)
Dec. 5 Monterey (Stay tuned)

Supreme Court To Revisit Case Of Interstate Wine and Spirits Shipping

Back when prohibition was repealed, the US government decided that the best way to regulate alcohol sales was to give each state the right to form their own rules and regulations. Now the U.S. government has hinted at a willingness to budge on how alcohol is sold. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming US Supreme Court Case, Byrd v. Tennessee, that prompted this reevaluation.

Granholm 2!

Back in 2005, the Granholm v. Heald US Supreme Court decision led to more states allowing winery direct shipping. With the U.S. Supreme Court granting CERT over the Bryd v. Tennessee case, many retailers are wondering if they will be granted the same constitutional protections as wineries.

Grassroots Work and Persistent Lobbying Produce Win for Oklahoma’s Wine Lovers

For the first time, starting October 1st, Oklahoma wine enthusiasts were permitted to have wine shipped directly to their homes. It wasn’t an easy road but with Free the Grapes!, Wine Institute, and other groups on board, they were able to include winery direct shipping provisions into the ballot measure and get it passed.

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