Weekly Digest | CO Simplifies Sales Tax, IL Tax Evasion, Laws Stifling Innovation, NVV Goes to the Capitol, OR Senate Bill 111

April 25, 2019

In this week’s digest, we lay out the new sales tax tweaks for Colorado and investigate a tax evasion crackdown in Illinois. Laws put into place post-prohibition could be hurting modern innovation and Napa Valley Vintners heads to Capitol Hill to discuss issues affecting the California wine industry. Lastly, Oregon Senate Bill 111 is still ruffling some feathers across the industry as some believe that it is harmful to wine growers.

Colorado Simplifies Sales Tax Requirements in Advance of June 1 Start Date

The “grace period” for complying with Colorado’s new sales tax laws comes to a close on May 31. Learn more about the laws and regulation changes that Colorado passed during this time that simplify the requirements and establish new permanent rules.

Attorney General Raoul Announces Five Individuals Charged in Liquor Store Sales Tax Fraud Sweep

Illinois Attorney General Raoul and the Illinois Department of Revenue are cracking down on untaxed or bootlegged liquor being brought in from outside of the state. They hope that by charging five liquor stores with serious punishments that it will send a message that it’s not okay to ignore Illinois laws, no exceptions.

Is a 1935 Alcohol Beverage Federal Trade Practice Law Stifling Innovation?

It’s no secret that the alcohol industry and the country as a whole have both changed drastically since 1935. Robert M. Tobiassen, former Chief Counsel for the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), gives his opinion on how the antiquated laws of post-prohibition are hurting innovation in modern times.

Napa Valley Vintners Goes to Washington to Lobby Legislators, Regulators

Earlier this month, the Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) headed to Washington, D.C. to discuss trade tariffs, review bottle labeling rules, and other issues affecting their community. They also used the trip as an opportunity to hold a tasting, along with Oregon and Washington wineries, for the D.C. market, including Congressional members, and staff.

Senate Bill Proposes Oregon Vineyard and Winemaker Task Force

The current proposed Senate Bill 111 has caused a split in the wine industry. The purpose of the bill is to protect Oregon wine from out-of-state imposters but critics say that it harms wine growers while favoring winemakers.

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