Weekly Digest | CO Changes, Franchise Laws, and DTC Symposium Deal

October 24, 2018

In this week’s digest, we cover DTC and three-tier compliance news, share tips on doing business in a franchise state, and feature a reminder to register for the 2019 DTC Symposium soon for a special winery discount.  

Colorado is Already Testing the Limits of the Wayfair Decision

The Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) sent out a press release and an emergency rule change letter to existing permittees related to the economic nexus requirements for out-of-state sellers. These confusing new rules have conjured up questions. We gathered up all of the most frequently asked questions and answered them to help you navigate through Colorado’s changes.

A Bridge Too Far for Granholm? Florida Importer Challenges California Three-Tier System

Can the California three-tier system be shaken? Orion Wine Imports, a Florida-based wine importer, is keeping their fingers crossed. They filed a lawsuit against the Director of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, pushing for licensed wine importers and wholesalers to get the same rights as wineries. Similar to the Granholm case, they claim the current laws are unconstitutional.

How to Do Business in a Franchise State

Franchise law can be complicated. The last few years we have seen a fair share of disagreements between suppliers and distributors and their ability to control the termination of their relationships. Get a better grip on how franchise law works and how you can manage distributor relationships.

Wineries Want to Ship Directly to New Jersey Homes—but Liquor Stores Oppose Plan

Free the Grapes! is leading the charge to push legislation that would allow large wine producers to ship directly to New Jersey consumers. The NJ Liquor Store Alliance is pushing back. Currently, wineries that produce more than approximately 100,000 cases of wine each year are prohibited by law from shipping into the garden state.

Free the Grapes! Winery Update—Wineries: Early Bird Discounts Expire December 14

If you plan on attending the 2019 DTC Wine Symposium, take advantage of the early bird discount while you can! If you register before December 14th, you can get a discount on single and multiple registrations. This national summit includes two days of practical workshops, sponsor sessions, speakers, and trade show exhibits.

We’ll see you back here again next week. In the meantime, feel free to connect with us on LinkedInTwitter or Facebook.

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