Weekly Digest | Changing Social Media Laws, RI Explores DTC, CA Server Training, CT Pricing Laws Upheld

February 21, 2019

In this week’s digest, we explore the changing rules for California winery social media. Rhode Island takes a step towards opening up to DTC wine shipments and we discuss upcoming mandatory training for California alcohol servers. Plus, the 2nd Circuit upholds Connecticut’s pricing laws.

Rules For Legal, Wine-Focused Social Media Posts Are Changing

Dating back to the dark ages of prohibition, rules around advertising in the wine industry have always been complex. This stems into modern-day social media as well. Recently, California opened up alcohol supplier’s ability to advertise events at retail locations.

RI Lawmakers to Consider Allowing Direct Wine Shipments

Could Rhode Island be the next state to open up to direct shipments of wine? A bill to create a “wine direct shipper license” is scheduled to be discussed later this month at the Rhode Island House Committee on Small Business.

Mandatory Training Requirements for “Alcohol Servers” in California Will Be Here Quickly

There are over one million alcohol servers in California that will be required to complete a four to eight-hour training and pass an exam by September 1st, 2021. That may sound far away, but this is a huge industry-wide process that could be threatening for small business if they aren’t prepared.

2nd Circuit Upholds Connecticut Alcohol Pricing Laws Against Total Wine Challenge

Earlier this week, the 2nd Circuit ruled in favor of Connecticut as it defended it’s alcohol pricing laws. The case was brought by Total Wine, who cited the Sherman Act to challenge Connecticut laws on price post, price hold, ban on price discrimination, and minimum retail pricing provisions.

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