Weekly Digest | CA Requires District Taxes, Congressional Wine Caucus, WalMart vs. TX, TTB Enforcements, USPS Alcohol Shipping

May 9, 2019

In this week’s digest, California adds new district tax collection requirements and we learn about the Congressional Wine Caucus. The Fifth Court hears an oral argument over discrimination between WalMart and Texas liquor laws and we hear an opinion on TTB inconsistencies with third-party promotions and enforcements. Lastly, litigation has been reintroduced that could open up alcohol shipping to USPS.

New California District Tax Collection Requirements

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) announced new sales and use tax requirements following the US Supreme Court decisions in the Wayfair case. The new rules may add collection of district taxes for California wineries. See what those changes entail and how they could affect your business.

There’s a Congressional Wine Caucus. And It Does a Lot More Than Drink

The Congressional Wine Caucus has been working behind the scenes in Washington to promote and address the needs of the wine industry for twenty years. See how this group mobilized, who its member are, and how it’s making an impact.

Oral Argument Held In 5th Circuit for WalMart Challenge to Texas Liquor Laws

On April 29th, the Fifth Circuit held an oral argument to hear WalMart’s challenge to Texas liquor laws. These laws impact WalMart stores that sell liquor in the Lonestar state and the retail giant feels that they are discriminatory. A decision is expected this summer and it’s assumed that the ruling on the Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association case will impact the outcome.

Supplier and Distributor Promotional “Banks,” Third Party Promotion Companies and Inconsistent TTB Enforcement, Oh My!

Former Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) Chief Counsel, Robert Tobiassen, attended the TTB 2019 Trade Practice seminar and gives his analysis of TTB enforcement policies and third-party promotion companies’ participation in alleged violations. Read his opinion and concerns on the state of industry marketing and sales developments with the threat of TTB’s enforcement.

Another Attempt to Let USPS Ship Alcohol

Consumers and manufacturers are prohibited from using the US Postal Service to ship or deliver alcoholic beverages, creating a competitive advantage for companies like FedEx and UPS. Recent litigation have been reintroduced that could change this Prohibition-era restriction.

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