Weekly Digest | CA Event-Based Advertising, Shutdown Effects, Taproom Legalities, State Tax Issues

January 31, 2019

In this week’s digest, we explore the new California event-based advertising rules, how the shutdown has affected alcohol suppliers , how each state deals with shipping taxes, and how incorporated and unincorporated addresses can differ even if they’re in the same zip code.

A Picture (On Instagram) Is Worth A Thousand Words

Get your iPhones ready, alcohol suppliers in California can now advertise events at local retailers on social media! The new rules go into effect this year allow suppliers to post images on social media to advertise specific types of events. See why this is so exciting and what the restricions are.

Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries Thankful for Shutdown Pause

The recent government shutdown forced wineries, breweries, and distilleries to face serious financial consequences. Without labels first being approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), orders for those products could not be sold. With a 36-day backlog, these producers still have no clue when their products will be cleared to sell.

Legal and Policy Issues Surrounding Taprooms

Taproom sales went relatively unnoticed until recently. Scrutiny has increased as the market matures and the unique combination of laws and policies start to create confusion. Government regulations are having trouble keeping up with the beer industry’s growing economy and evolving technology.

How States Deal with Tax on Shipping

If alcohol compliance wasn’t complicated enough, you also need to contend with intricate state-by-state rules related to tax on shipping. Get a handle on the general rules of thumb and see more details for each state.

Incorporated vs. Unincorporated Addresses

Is there a tax difference between incorporated and unicorporated addresses in the same zip code? Yes, even if an incorporated address is in the same zip code and a matter of feet from an unincorporated address, the tax implications can differ. Avalara explains.

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