TTB set to launch a new version of Permits Online

December 5, 2017

UPDATE:: The TTB has postponed their upgrade and Permits Online account will be available from December 14-18th.  Draft applications will continue to be available.   A date for the updated version has yet to be released.   (12/15/2017)


For weeks, TTB has been circulating information about their plans to launch a new version of Permits Online (PONL). Industry members, law firms and compliance consultants should start to plan ahead for the cut-over, including 5 days of downtime.


Permits Online, the electronic system for processing federal permits and amendments for suppliers and wholesalers of beverage alcohol products, will be taken offline on December 14th, and will remain unavailable through December 18th. Any draft applications that are in process in the current system must be submitted on or prior to December 13th, or else they will be lost.


TTB is touting multiple changes that will come with the new version of Permits Online. All of the changes are designed to streamline the application and amendment process, therefore creating faster turnaround times for industry members. Here are a few of the changes we expect to see after the update.


  1. Auto-Approval of Amendments: Certain amendments, including labeling trade name amendments and address change amendments, will be automatically approved upon submission.
  2. Personnel Questionnaire (PQ) Storage: You’ll now be able to store and update your owner and officer information (OOI) separately, and associate them with your new application and amendments.
  3. Delete Attachments: New option to delete amendments prior to submission.
  4. Key Contacts: New requirement to designate at least one owner or officer of your business as the key contact with a long-term relationship with the company.


We know it’s not easy for government agencies to make substantial changes to their systems, so we applaud these efforts by TTB and look forward to trying out the new version in a few weeks.

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