Compli Digest | Supreme Court Ruling DTC Repercussions, TTB Investigations, Distilled Spirits Standards, 3-Tier Wine Symposium

June 13, 2019

In this week’s digest, learn more about how an upcoming Supreme Court ruling could have far-reaching effects and the high-risk, high-reward consequences of that ruling. Rob Tobiassen comments on TTB investigations and TTB responds to petitions concerning standards of fill for distilled spirits. Lastly, we hear from an attendee at the inaugural 3-Tier Wine Symposium on how wineries can navigate the current landscape.

Wine Retailers Cross Fingers Over Soon-To-Come Supreme Court Ruling

Even though the Byrd v. Tennessee case is unrelated to retailer out-of-state wine shipping, the justices have added to their plate the possibility of taking on the issue of constitutional shipping rights to consumers. See how a ruling on this issue could produce a far-reaching impact.

Wine Industry Anxiously Awaits Supreme Court Decision

Next Monday the Supreme Court is expected to make a decision that could make interstate wine commerce much more accessible. While the ruling has the potential to reduce barricades for out-of-state retail shops, consequently it could allow states to tighten alcohol laws without federal intervention.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about TTB Investigations but Are Afraid to Ask

Former Chief Counsel of TTB, Robert Tobiassen, shares his observations on the current state of TTB and the pending national trade enforcement investigations. Learn how investigations are financed and executed, and where you can go to obtain assistance with investigator overreach.

Elimination of Certain Standards of Fill for Distilled Spirits

To address petitions, TTB is proposing to eliminate all but minimum and maximum standards of fill for distilled spirit containers. The change would present industry members greater versatility in container production and sourcing while providing consumers with a greater number of purchasing options.

Thoughts from the First-Ever 3-Tier Wine Symposium

How do small and mid-sized wineries navigate the 3-tier system and their relationships with wholesalers? This was the major question discussed at the inaugural 3-Tier Wine Symposium. Learn how the discussions went and what the biggest takeaways were.

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