Solicitors will no longer need to be licensed in South Dakota

May 3, 2018

South Dakota has revised their alcohol laws in a big way (over 100 changes) with the passage of HB 1070. The bill, which was signed by the Governor in March, cleans up numerous issues in the code and removes unnecessary language. One of the biggest changes is that, effective July 1, 2018, South Dakota will no longer require sales people (solicitors) to be licensed in the state.

In a letter sent last week, the South Dakota Department of Revenue informed solicitor licensees that they will “no longer be required to obtain a SA-Solicitors license to promote or sell alcoholic beverages in this state”. Any existing solicitor licenses will simply lapse and do not need to be renewed. Anyone that wants to sell prior to July 1st must still obtain a license that will cover the next two months.

There are a number of other interesting changes in HB 1070, including redefining the word, “wine” to:

any beverage made from the fermentation of grapes, grape juice, other fruit bases, or honey, with or without adding alcoholic beverages; without rectification, except for the purpose of fortification; and contains not less than one-half percent and not more than twenty-four percent alcohol by volume

There are also changes to Sunday laws, special events, who is considered a “relative” for ownership purposes, as well as a myriad of other changes. As July 1st approaches, we’ll keep you informed if the South Dakota Department of Revenue publishes any additional memos or cheat sheets to help everyone understand the additional edits and the revisions.

If you have any questions about South Dakota and the recent changes, please request a consultation.

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