Oklahoma Simplifies Direct Wine Shipper Permit Application

January 4, 2019

Just in time for the New Year, the Oklahoma ABLE Commission website updated and simplified its Direct Wine Shipper Permit Application requirements. This welcome update should simplify the permitting process for new applicants.

Ahead of the October 1, 2018 roll-out for DTC shipments, several hundred applications had been received and awaiting approval by the commission. The first version of the application had challenging requirements based on the business ownership model. A three-page Individual Personal History application was required to be filled out and signed by every individual, partner, corporate officer, director, stockholder, LLC manager, member, tribal member and trustee in order to submit an application.

Aware of these challenges, the Wine Institute provided recommendations to the ABLE Commission to streamline the permitting process for both the winery and for the state. These recommendations have guided the updated application now in place.

Fulfillment House Glitch

The next hurdle for Oklahoma DTC shipments is the unique, but unpublished, interpretation by the ABLE Commission which excludes wineries from utilizing licensed fulfillment houses to ship wine on their behalf. At this time the only option for wineries is to ship in-house using UPS as FedEx has not approved Oklahoma as a destination state for direct-to-consumer wine shipments. In 2019 the Wine Institute and other groups will be working to resolve these issues. We will keep you posted on this activity.

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