New Hampshire Reverses Course, will Reinstate Retailer Wine Shipper Permits

May 18, 2018

Last week, we wrote a blog post reporting that the New Hampshire Liquor Commission (NHLC) was denying all retailer permits. We learned today that the NHLC will now reverse course and allow all retailers that were previously permitted but denied to be reinstated. They’ll also begin accepting new applications from retailers again.

Based on our conversations with NHLC, below are the details for any retailer that wants to be reinstated:

  • For retailer permits that were denied and returned, NHLC will send out a letter advising that the retailer may reapply. Those letters should go out late next week.
  • For retail permits that are currently sitting at NHLC and the checks are less than 90 days old, NHLC will process the applications and approve.
  • If any checks are older than 90 days, NHLC will contact the retailer via phone, email or letter and ask for an updated check.
  • For any retailers that have received a rejection letter, they should reapply.
  • For any retailers that were denied and then submitted a new application as a winery, they should only apply as a retailer and will be approved.

The National Association of Wine Retailers put up a vigorous challenge to the NHLC policies of denying retailer permits. If you have any questions about how to get reinstated or to apply for a new license in New Hampshire, please contact us.

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