Weekly Digest | New FL Tax Laws, SVB Survey, Winery DTC Legislation, OK Tax Requirements

March 8, 2019

In this week’s digest, we explore Florida’s new proposed remote sales tax laws, the SVB’s annual survey, the difference between DTC wine shipping legislation and litigation in the courts, and how Oklahoma clarifies their tax requirements.

Florida Wants to Tax Remote Sales and Marketplace Sales Starting July 1, 2019
There are only two states without remote sales tax laws, Florida and New Mexico, and they are both looking to change that. If Senate Bill 1112 is enacted in July, Florida will establish economic nexus and impose a sales tax collection obligation on out-of-state sellers who conduct 200 or more separate transactions or retail sales exceeding $100,000.

The SVB Annual Direct to Consumer Survey is Open

Silicon Valley Bank, in collaboration with Wine Business Monthly, has opened its annual DTC survey to collect industry metrics, statuses, and trends. You have until March 22nd to complete the 30 question survey. SVB will then analyze the data and turn it into relevant and valuable information that the wine community can use for benchmarking and understanding the current landscape.

What Do Fruits Teach Us about Winery Direct Shipping Legislation?

Apples and oranges; one is not like the other. The same can be said for state legislation related to winery direct shipping and litigation making its way to the courts. Opponents of winery direct-to-consumer shipping would like you to believe that these two things are interchangeable. Free the Grapes! explains that these two things are different.

Oklahoma Clarifies Tax Requirements for DTC Shipping

Oklahoma has given Wine Institute clarification regarding their tax requirements, registration, and reporting process for their direct-to-consumer wine shipping. Get the details and stay compliant so you can start shipping wine to Oklahoma consumers.

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