Weekly Digest | MI Litigation vs Enforcement, John Manfreda, US Supreme Court Rulings, Alabama DTC, SVB Consumer Insights

May 31, 2019

In this week’s digest, we look at a debate over Michigan’s attempts to enforce laws that have been found unconstitutional and we mourn the loss of TTB’s John Manfreda. The US Supreme Court will soon decide on the Tennessee Wine case and Alabama puts direct-to-consumer wine shipping on hold. Lastly, stream a webcast reviewing SVB’s latest consumer insights survey.

Can State Regulators Enforce Liquor Laws That Federal Courts Have Found Unconstitutional?

Even though Michigan’s law banning out-of-state retailers from shipping wine into the state was adjudicated and found to be unconstitutional, the state is still threatening incoming wine shippers with sanctions. The outcome of the Tennessee Wine case might help settle the debate.

The Passing of John Manfreda of the TTB

John Manferda’s sudden passing is a tragedy for the entire industry. Rob Tobissen, former Chief Counsel of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Burea (TTB), reviews John’s legacy and his lasting impact on us all.  

The Supreme Court Is Set to Rule on a Retailer Direct Shipping Case! Well, Not So Fast…

Modern day US Supreme Court cases addressing alcohol sales are rare. The most recent case, 2005’s Granholm v. Heald, changed the direct-to-consumer landscape for wineries. See how the current US Supreme Court case with Tennessee Wine could also have a far-reaching impact on the industry.

Legislation to Remove DTC Barriers Continue Nationwide; Five States Remain Closed to DTC

Steve Gross of Wine Institute declared the bill that would have allowed direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine shipping in Alabama has failed. While the bill passed in the House of Representatives, it later died in the Senate and was referred to a study committee. Gross hopes return to Alabama in the future to revisit the issue. Five states remain resistant to DTC wine shipping.

2019 SVB Insights for Successful Consumer Wine Sales Follow-Up

Join a panel of experts, hosted by EVP and Founder of the Premium Wine Division of Silicon Valley Bank, Rob McMillan, to discuss the highlights from the 2019 consumer wine sales survey. View the webcasts on-demand and gain valuable consumer insights into US wine sales.

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