eCompli Product Updates for 12/31/2017

January 2, 2018

We deployed a new version of the eCompli Portal last night. Included in the most recent update are enhancements to Licenses, Product Registrations, and Reports.


Louisiana Other License Renewal ‐ Update Address on Cover Letter

North Carolina Registration Form Beer/Wine Permittee Update; Fax Number Update

Product Registrations:

Louisiana Registration Renewal Packet ‐ Updated to online renewal only

Missouri Wholesale Brand Label Revision Packet ‐ Change to Online Submission ONLY

(Enhance) Display Product Screen’s Comment Box in Client Side


California Sales and Use Return and Schedule Update

Connecticut Sales and Use Tax Return ‐ Update

Florida Alcoholic Beverage Monthly Distributors Report (Wine) ‐ Update with new mailing address

Florida Malt Beverages Shipped to Florida ‐ Update with new mailing address

Florida Spirituous Beverages Shipped to Florida ‐ Update with new mailing address

Florida: Wine Shipped to Florida (Wholesale and Direct Ship) ‐ Update with new mailing address

Hawaii‐Hawaii Direct Shipment Form Update: 2017

Missouri Direct Ship Annual Report Change: Electronic Filing Required for 2017 Report

Nebraska Direct Ship Sales Tax Return ‐ Update

New York Quarterly (Monthly) Sales and Use Tax Return ST‐809 ‐ Update

North Carolina Direct Ship Excise Return Update

North Carolina Wholesale Shipment Return Update

South Carolina Tax Return for Wines Shipped Direct to Residents Update

Wyoming Direct Ship, Self‐Distribution Excise Return Email Update ‐ Replace Jeannie Brown with dirship email address

As always, please contact our eCompli Support team at if you have any questions about this release.

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