Weekly Digest | Contradictory Liquor Laws, TX Blue Laws, AL DTC Shipping, PA Expanding Consumer Access, Tricky AVAs

April 18, 2019

In this week’s digest, we discuss contradictory alcohol laws across the nation plus Texas’ “Blue Laws” on Liquor. Alabama is deciding if it will end its prohibition on direct-to-consumer wine and beer shipping and Pennsylvania is considering expanding consumer access to distilled spirits. Lastly, AVA rules get complicated as regions cross borders.

Are Crazy State Liquor Laws Constitutional?

Prohibition ended 100 years ago. Some argue that the legal structure constructed in Prohibition’s wake has little to do with promoting healthy relationships between the American people and alcohol. Many states still hold contradictory laws but there is hope that an upcoming Supreme Court ruling over a highly publicized Tennessee case could have a ripple effect.

Time to Get Rid of Texas’ Antiquated ‘Blue Laws’ on Liquor

Most Texas laws encourage free trade and fair markets, but the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code is a hodgepodge of outdated, arbitrary provisions that restrict competition and consumer choice. Will Texas lawmakers take advantage of opportunities to administer a new framework?

Bill Would Allow Alabamians to Have Wine, Beer Shipped to Their Homes

With a new bill in the Alabama Legislature, the state could finally end their long-lasting prohibition on beer and wine home deliveries. Alabama is one of the seven remaining states that prohibits wine and beer shipments directly to consumers.

Pennsylvania Senate Introduces Legislation Expanding Consumer Access to Distilled Spirits

Pennsylvania is on its way to better serving consumers, providing greater conveniences, and encouraging healthy competition. A new legislation would expand consumer access to distilled spirits by opening up to existing off-premise licensees to sell spirits.

The Best AVA Not on the Label

AVA laws can get tricky. Even though the Rocks District of Milton-Freewater AVA is in Oregon,  it’s a subregion of the Walla Walla Valley Washington AVA. US law mandates that wine with an AVA be made with grapes from that region and made in the same state. This gets complicated with AVAs that cross borders.

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