Compli’s Podcast Debut with Wine Road and Rachel Dumas Rey

December 17, 2018

Recently, founder and CEO of Compli Beverage, Rachel Dumas Rey was featured on the Wine Road Podcast with Beth Costa and Marcy Gordon. We’re proud of our fearless leader and excited that she got a chance to kick off Compli’s podcast debut with Wine Road. Let it be known that we are Compli (com-plee), and not “Comply!” In the episode, Rachel shares the origins of Compli’s original tagline,

“You didn’t get into the business to deal with red tape, we did.”

It all started back in the ’90s when a friend suggested to Rachel that she look into alcohol compliance. Rachel had a background in commerce export regulations so the complexities of alcohol law and regulations didn’t intimidate her. The US wine industry was much smaller back then and there was fear associated with the federal side of regulations. Since prohibition, the structure has gotten even more complex, with each state making their own rules. Winemakers would enter the industry blind, without fully realizing the regulatory structures and how difficult they can be. Many of the regulations still in play today were written long ago before the way we do business now could be considered. Often, you need an expert to interpret these rules, keep track of the status of your licenses, and ensure you aren’t in violation of the many rules surrounding the alcohol beverage industry.

Rachel saw this gap in expertise as an opportunity to help business owners and put her technical skills to use. She immersed herself in the federal regulations code and started to provide guidance and serve as a resource for the beverage alcohol industry. “It’s really fun to be an expert in something that people need help with,” Rachel explains.

What started as a one-woman show has turned into what Compli is today—a robust team of 45 compliance experts ready to take on compliance for companies both small and large.  

“People who want to be in the business want to be in it because they are passionate, which is the opposite of the spectrum from the regulatory requirements. Being able to provide these services and guidance for the industry has been a great experience for me and my team.”

Listen to Wine Road for the complete episode and to hear more about Rachel and the origins of Compli.

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