Weekly Digest | New CA Tax Requirements, NJ DTC Legislation, Canadian Shipping, Nutritional Labeling, FDA Guidance

April 12, 2019

In this week’s digest, we explore California’s new and revised tax requirements and the strict direct-to-consumer (DTC) rules in New Jersey. Canada is on its way to loosening DTC shipping between providences and wine industry members give their opinions on TTB’s proposed nutritional labeling. Lastly, FDA issues Guidance on hops and wine grapes.

California New and Revised Use Tax Requirements for Out-of-State Wineries

California legislature quickly passed emergency legislation AB-147 and it’s expected that the bill will be signed this week. This bill seeks to modernize the California tax rates post-Wayfair for out-of-state wineries. See the details.

Why New Jersey Doesn’t Let You Buy the Wine You Want

New Jersey has a strict “capacity-cap” for out-of-state wineries shipping into the state and consumers are getting fed up. Wine lovers in the Garden State can only order from out-of-state wineries that altogether produce less than 5 percent of wine consumed in the US. Will this be the year of change?

Canadian Budget Bill Includes Removal of InterProvincial Shipping Restriction

The new Budget Bill in Canada proposes to remove the federal prohibition on the shipment of alcohol between provinces. This means that a winery can send direct-to-consumer shipments to an outside Providence without being subject to any federal restrictions on the shipment.

Wine Industry Floods The TTB With Its Opinions On Wine Nutritional Labeling

In March, TTB extended the deadline for the Modernization of the Labeling and Advertising Regulations for Wine, Distilled Spirits and Malt Beverages. This extended period is intended to allow the wine industry to share their perspectives on the proposed new labeling. See what industry members have to say.

FDA Issues Guidance on Hops and Wine Grapes

The FDA is exercising enforcement discretion with regard to the Produced Safety Rules for entities growing, harvesting, packing, or holding hops and wine grapes. Effective immediately, the FDA has issued guidance as they don’t expect wineries and breweries to meet the requirements.

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