Announcing the new DTC State Shipping Laws for Wineries site

March 8, 2018

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Wine Institute State Shipping Laws for Wineries portal. The team at Compli has worked really hard over the last several months in collaboration with the State Relations team at Wine Institute to design and implement this new direct to consumer (DTC) resource for wineries. The new public site includes:

We are thrilled about this partnership with Wine Institute, and this is only the beginning.

Coming soon: Wholesale Rules Portal

In the coming months, we’ll be launching an additional site with state-by-state compliance information for wineries that sell through the three-tier system. These new resources will be similar to the public DTC site, but will be available only for Wine Institute members through the Wine Institute Members Site. If you’re not already a member of Wine Institute, we encourage you to join now to take advantage.

What this partnership means for Compli and the wine industry

At Compli, our goal is to help wineries comply with federal, state and local laws and regulations. When wineries comply, it makes it easier for Wine Institute and the other groups to advocate for opening the remaining states (Alabama, Mississippi, Utah, Kentucky, Rhode Island and Delaware) that prohibit direct shipments and ease burdensome laws and requirements in the states that do allow shipments. In short, compliance leads to better access to consumers and more growth for the industry.

It’s remarkable when you step back and think about how the compliance map has changed since 2005. All thirteen of the reciprocal states have “leveled up” to allow shipments to consumers. Key markets have opened, including Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, and Texas, with over 93% of US consumers accessible by wineries. When Oklahoma opens later this year, the total number of states available for wineries will reach 45. The effectiveness of the “three-legged stool” approach that included Free the Grapes!, Coalition for Free Trade, and advocacy groups like Wine Institute can not be overstated.

We’re honored to be a part of this partnership with Wine Institute. They have always been the definitive source for direct-to-consumer wine shipping information, and we’re excited about adding our 20 years of practical compliance expertise to the collaboration. The landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, and we’re determined to keep the site updated with all of the changes so you can be successful in your business. It’s one very small way that we can give back to this great industry in which we’re lucky enough to get to work.

Annie Bones and Kristin Carlton were both instrumental at bringing this new site to life and assembling all of the information. Our friends at Simplified Website Design and Think Better were also key to the design and implementation of the new site.

If you have any feedback on the site, we’d love to hear it! What more would you want to see? Anything confusing? We want to make it as useful as possible, so please Contact Us with any thoughts you have.

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